The Sukey Jump Band has a simple mission- to share the joy making music brings with all ages.  That’s how we came by the name SUKEY JUMP!  In the “old days” people would gather and sing, dance, holler and laugh at gatherings known as play parties or sukey jumps. Musicians would play, leading songs everyone could enjoy and participate in, whether they danced to a call, following directions or just stomped and jumped. Songs often familiar, inviting response and welcoming chorus.

Color-Along Ukulele: A Method Book for People Drawn to Play
(Shipping begins November 25, 2015)
A ukulele method book for kids of all ages: song-based instruction, zany recordings, full-page illustrations for coloring at home or the classroom!
Sophisticated, Educated, Medicated. The Smoking Jackets are a band of virtuoso multi-instrumentalists who bring their brilliance and bon-vivance to the smallest and hippest strings- the ukulele. Daniel Ward, John Bartlit and Craig McClelland team up with actress Heidi Swedberg for some serious music and comedy. Their repitoire includes twisted takes on jazz, classical, avant-guard, flamenco and pop standards. It’s a Pink Martini shaken by Victor Borge and served to Dean Martin…with a twist!

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